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Injection molding factory (private customization)
2020/7/14 18:12:31   260

In the story on the tip of the tongue, too high or too low taste is not comprehensive and unconditional. A good taste should be a combination of high and low, high and low. For example, an abalone must be served with broccoli. If there is only abalone for a plate, the cost is obviously too high, and only the grade of broccoli is not enough. This is the beauty of high and low matching.

The taste story in the injection molding factory is also a combination of high and low, set off each other, with high taste reflecting standardization and high quality, low taste reflecting saving, energy saving, green, environmental protection, and short payback period.

This is the highest concept of injection molding factory design---"Private Customization".

What is "private customization" is to determine all aspects of the resources required by the factory according to the actual conditions of each factory.

It is necessary and possible for injection molding factories, why?

The injection molding plant is different from the oil refinery, coking plant, panel glass plant and other products with a single product and high technology integration. The injection molding plant is located in the upstream of the manufacturing chain, with high product diversity and large differences in equipment resources required. These are the prerequisites for the injection molding plant to be "privately customized".

In fact, the "private customization" of injection molding plants is already very high.

The molds in the injection molding plant are all custom-made, and there is nothing to copy.

The injection molding machine can also be customized. Nowadays, there is a large amount of special order for injection molding machines. Special injection molding machines such as packaging box machines, nylon cable tie machines, thick-wall injection molding machines, light guide special machines and other special machines are all. My old friend, over 30% of the overseas injection molding machines of a B injection molding machine factory are customized.

But at the same time, private customization is not irregular. We must first grasp the general laws of the industry, and then combine the actual conditions of each factory to achieve the best return on investment ratio. This is the core of private customization.

Therefore, the general technical management laws of enterprises + "private customization" are the correct answer to the reasonable taste of injection molding plants. Specifically, to solve this positive solution, you need to do the following:

(1) Business scope and product evaluation. A prerequisite for private customization.

(2) Factory organization structure. Generally, mature mode can be adopted.

(3) Production capacity, capacity evaluation and evaluation and customization of molds and injection molding machines. The core of private customization.

(4) Production process and logistics design. It is also the core of private customization.

(5) Lean production system evaluation and promotion. Take a mature model.

(6) Promotion of organizational structure and execution. Take a mature model.

The top-level design, technical capabilities, operational control and management of the injection molding plant are the key to determining the benefits, which requires the joint effect of common rules and "private customization". "Whether the injection molding factory can make money depends on the design, technical capabilities, operational control and continuous improvement management of the production system. When the management is in place, the injection molding machine is a money printing machine; if the management is not in place, the injection molding machine becomes a money burning machine. ".

I hope that everyone can often experience the taste they want, and I hope that every injection molding factory can find the taste that suits them best, optimize the benefits, and contribute to the improvement of the industry.