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My country's alloy plastic market has unlimited potential
2020/7/15 9:25:54   274

Plastic alloy is a new type of high-performance, functional and specialized materials obtained by physical blending or chemical grafting. With the development of science and technology and the construction of modern cities, plastic alloy products have been increasingly used. Plastic alloys can be widely used in automobiles, electronics, precision instruments, office equipment, packaging materials, building materials and other fields. Plastic alloys can improve or enhance the performance of existing plastics and reduce costs. Plastic alloys have become one of the most active varieties in the plastics industry, with rapid growth.

my country's research on plastic alloys began in the 1960s and has developed rapidly in recent years. According to statistics, the current total consumption of plastic alloys (including modified resins) in China is about 1.2 million to 1.4 million tons, while the domestic supply is less than 600,000 tons, which requires a large amount of imports, with an annual import volume of about 900,000 tons; Alloys (mainly blended resins and modified resins) are mainly used in household appliances, electronics, automobiles and other industries. Compared with developed countries, China's material alloy application market still has a lot of room for expansion.

With the sustained and rapid development of my country's economy, my country's plastic alloy market demand potential in the next few years, especially the rapid growth of electronic communications, automobiles, and construction industries, will promote the rapid development of my country's engineering plastic alloy industry. It is estimated that in 2015, the total demand for my country's five major engineering plastics will exceed 4 million tons, and the demand for the five major synthetic resins will reach 58.4 million tons, making China one of the world's largest importers of plastic alloys.

At present, both the research and production of plastic alloys in my country are still in a scattered state, and the scale has not yet formed. The overall level of the industry is low, which is far from the advanced level of foreign countries. In the domestic plastic alloy production structure, the production of high value-added special engineering plastic alloys is almost blank, and it is basically general-purpose plastics. Strengthening the research and development of engineering plastic alloy materials in the later period is expected to expand new space for our country.

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