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Main use and development trend of modified nylon
2020/7/15 9:32:27   269

Modified nylon is a type of engineering plastics. It is a granular product formed by changing the physical properties of nylon raw materials as the base material. The output of this type of product is modified according to different customer needs.

Characteristics and uses of modified nylon

The types of modified nylon generally include: reinforced, toughened, wear-resistant, flame-retardant, reinforced flame-retardant, weather-resistant, conductive, and so on.

1. Thermal properties: long-term use temperature is high (UL-746B); use temperature range is large; thermal expansion coefficient is small.

2. Mechanical properties: high strength, high mechanical modulus, low creep, strong wear and fatigue resistance.

3. Others: chemical resistance, electrical resistance, flame resistance, weather resistance, and good dimensional stability. The output of such products is modified according to the different needs of some manufacturers. Modified nylon has many characteristics. Therefore, it is obtained in automobiles, electrical equipment, machinery departments, transportation equipment, textiles, paper machinery, etc. widely used.

The development trend of modified nylon

As the largest and most important variety of engineering plastics, nylon has strong vitality, mainly because it achieves high performance after modification, followed by the increasing requirements of automotive, electrical, communications, electronics, machinery and other industries for product performance. The stronger, the rapid development of related industries has promoted the process of high performance engineering plastics. The future development trend of modified nylon is as follows.

① The market demand for high-strength and high-rigidity nylon is increasing. New reinforcing materials such as inorganic whisker reinforcement and carbon fiber reinforced PA will become important varieties, mainly used in automobile engine parts, mechanical parts and aviation equipment parts.

②Nylon alloying will become the mainstream of the development of modified engineering plastics. Nylon alloying is an important way to realize the high performance of nylon, and it is also the main method to manufacture special nylon materials and improve nylon performance. By blending other high polymers, it can improve the water absorption of nylon, improve the dimensional stability of products, and low temperature brittleness, heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for different requirements of vehicle types.

③The manufacturing technology and application of nano nylon will develop rapidly. The advantage of nano nylon is that its thermal properties, mechanical properties, flame retardancy and barrier properties are higher than pure nylon, and the manufacturing cost is equivalent to that of ordinary nylon. Therefore, it has great competitiveness.

④ The flame-retardant nylon used in electronics, electrical and electrical appliances is increasing day by day, and the green flame-retardant nylon is getting more and more attention from the market.

⑤Antistatic, conductive nylon and magnetic nylon will become the first choice for electronic equipment, mining machinery, and textile machinery.

⑥ The research and application of processing aids will promote the process of functionalization and high performance of modified nylon.

⑦The application of comprehensive technology and the refinement of products are the driving force to promote its industrial development.