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Common defects and treatment of nylon products-unstable injection pressure
2020/7/15 9:08:17   268

This time, the editor will introduce the knowledge about common defects and treatments of nylon products. This time, I will introduce the unstable injection pressure.

Generally, the unstable injection pressure is related to the small nozzle hole of the injection molding machine, because the nozzle is in long-term contact with the mold, the mold temperature is very low 20-90℃, and the nozzle temperature is 240-280℃. The temperature difference will inevitably cause heat exchange. When the temperature of the nozzle drops below the melting point of nylon, the nozzle hole is frozen, and the next injection will have a large pressure to blow away, causing pressure loss* Note, but this time increase the injection molding After pressure, the mold will expand after a few molds are produced. From the perspective of the phenomenon, the injection molding machine is unstable. In fact, the nozzle hole is too small, and the phenomenon of increasing the nozzle hole will disappear.

Several materials such as PA, POM and ABS will cause this problem