PA6 modified series
PA6 modified series
PA6 (Nylon for short) modified products can help you achieve higher standards in related application industries. Chuangyongjia new material products can provide excellent dimensional stability and mechanical strength
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Glass fiber reinforced

CategoryProduct nameProduct FeaturesProduct UsageProduct properties table
Glass fiber reinforcedPA6-101Improve the surface floating fiber problem of the parts, strong abrasion resistance, high rigidity, high permeability, performance and appearance are similar to N6130GN/RB, with transparency, but the color is unstable, the fluidity is good, the surface of the part is better, and the color is solid white , High-performance PA6 black fiber reinforced material.Axe parts, auto parts, electronic and electrical parts, air pressure cooker cover parts, polishing pads, transmission gears, hairdressing bars, fishing gear parts, gears, drag chain pedals, hairdressing bars, motorcycle parts, mechanical drag chains, industrial machinery parts

New PA6101-G15 NC

New PA6101-G30 NC

New PA6101-G40 NC

New PA6101-G50 NC

Flame retardant series

CategoryProduct nameProduct FeaturesProduct properties tableProduct properties table
Flame retardant seriesPA6-201Flame retardancy, heat resistance, good electrical properties, nitrogen flame retardant, good color and appearance gloss, environmentally friendly bromine flame retardant, relatively solid white color, good flame retardancyThermostat, switch, inner shell of hair dryer, British plug, terminal block, skeleton, speed switch, gasket, bolt nut, gear

PA6201T ring 1 NC

PA6201T ring 2 BK

PA6201T halogen-free NC

Fiber flame retardant

CategoryProduct nameProduct FeaturesProduct UsageProduct properties table
Fiber flame retardantPA6-301Flame-retardant, flame-retardant material with wide suitability, environmentally friendly bromine-based flame-retardant, solid white colorHair dryer parts, electrical enclosures, switch accessories, skeletons

PA6301-G30 ring 2 BK

The PA6301-G15 NC

The PA6301-G30 NC

Toughened and cold resistant

CategoryProduct nameProduct FeaturesProduct UsageProduct properties table
Toughened and cold resistantPA6-801TGood impact resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, high loadAxe protective covers, guide rails, furniture accessories, car luggage hangers, casters, luggage caster brackets, car pedals, skate accessories, industrial casters

New PA6 801T NC